Our Pediatric Audiologist Provides Hearing Testing for Youngsters through their Teen Years


Can Your Child Hear Properly?

Being able to hear properly is important for every child for learning, speech development, and interacting successfully with others.

The Audiology Center has the specialized expertise required to test the hearing of children, infants through adolescents:

  • Assessment of children to facilitate appropriate recommendations for follow-up
  • Behavioral and electro-acoustical assessment of hearing aid benefit
  • Audiological testing in a child-friendly environment

The Audiology Center at Summit Speech School specializes in working with children so they can be tested properly and receive assistance if they need it.

The Center is headed by our pediatric audiologist Ellen K. Hansen. An expert in the field with 35 years of experience, her patients include children with developmental delays, as well as typically developing children with hearing, speech or learning difficulties.

Summit Speech School’s Audiology Center can be a valuable resource for you and your child. We not only test your child’s hearing, but will also work closely with you to help you obtain the follow-up support you need should we determine your child has a hearing loss.

If you have any questions about your child’s hearing or would like to schedule an appointment with our audiologist, please contact us.

Ellen Hansen, Pediatric Audiologist
Summit Speech School
705 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
908-508-0011 ext. 389
908-508-0012 (fax)

Ellen also provides staff development and speaks to parent groups on hearing loss, auditory processing, FM equipment, and/or hearing aids.

Click here to learn about audiological services provided to Summit Speech School students.


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