Our Pediatric Audiologist Provides Hearing Testing from Infants to Teenagers


The Audiology Services provided at Summit Speech School include:

  • Hearing evaluations (unaided and aided)
  • Tympanography (assessment of middle ear functioning)
  • Otoscopic evaluations (checking ears with an otoscope)
  • Hearing aid checks
  • Implant checks
  • FM equipment checks
  • Consultation with
    • Implant centers
    • Other medical personnel
    • School districts
    • Other Audiologists
    • Parents
    • Staff and parents during Early Intervention assessments
    • Staff consultations at various department meetings (weekly or more frequently)
  • Classroom/student observations
  • Room acoustic evaluations
  • Consultation to school districts of mainstreamed students to determine child and classroom audiological equipment needs.




The Summit Speech School Audiology Center of the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey -Services to Our Students