Summit Speech School uses an auditory oral approach to teaching children who are deaf and hard of hearing to listen and talk. The focus is on maximal use of hearing, developing a strong speech and language foundation, and training the brain to interpret sound.

Our goal is to prepare children to integrate into mainstream education as soon as possible. Before the advent of cochlear implants, oral programs for the deaf and hard of hearing taught speech visually with the use of lip reading or speech reading. Most oral deaf children relied heavily on speech reading because their hearing aids, and even the earlier implants, gave limited hearing assistance.

But technology has improved, the power and ability of hearing aids has changed dramatically and cochlear implants have given a new world of sound to severely to profoundly deaf children. The auditory/oral approach has changed, too.

Summit Speech School's intensive program:

  • Trains the child to use his/her hearing to process language and develop speech

  • Promotes oral language without the use of sign language or cued speech

  • Advocates for early identification

  • Advocates for aggressive medical and audiological management

  • Strongly encourages parent participation

  • Recognizes parents as the first and primary models/teachers

  • Helps the child integrate hearing and listening into communication development

  • Teaches the child to monitor his/her own voice through listening

  • Follows developmental hierarchies of listening, language, and speech development for natural communication

  • Continuously. assesses, evaluates, and modifies the child's program to maximize communication

  • Promotes educational and social inclusion in regular education

Our goal is to get all our children listening, speaking and learning so that they can enter the mainstream with strong skills, and so they will grow to become fully integrated, independent and naturally communicating members of society.If you would like to read more about auditory oral education, please follow the link to The Moog Method: Auditory Oral Education: Teaching Deaf Children to Talk.


Auditory-Oral Education:
Teaching Deaf Children To Listen and Talk

















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