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Brick Reilly, a 27-year-old Summit Speech School alumnus, competed on NBCTV's American Gladiators on May 26, 2008. Brick was selected out of almost 12,000 applicants to compete on the show's current season, and is the first deaf competitor to appear on the show.

Filmed at the Los Angeles Memorial Arena, American Gladiators features amateur athletes who compete against “Gladiators,” the show's resident action stars and stunt performers, in contests of physical strength and endurance.

Beginning with 40 contenders (20 male and 20 female) the show narrows the field to the two best scoring athletes to determine a male and female winner. Brick successfully competed against the Gladiators, and now returns to compete in the semi-finals later this summer.

At home in Springfield, NJ, Brick is a tree climber for the town's Department of Public Works and serves as a mentor for deaf children. He enjoys mountain biking, hiking and basketball.

Brick says his participation in American Gladiators was “an electrifying and intense roller coaster ride that puts you through a mental, physical and emotional washing machine.” He said American Gladiators co-host Hulk Hogan offered him encouragement before going in to the arena. “It was just a test of the mind, the heart, and the strength of your will. You can learn a lot by going through an event like that... a lot about yourself and your perspective on life and how you intend to approach it.”


Alumnus Competes on NBCTV's American Gladiators