Class of 2008 were honored at a graduation ceremony at the school. Principal Howard Helfman and Trustee Mary Ann Cronheim distributed diplomas to (pictured top to bottom) Shachi Benara, Amanda Bowman,
Sanjit Chidambaran, Heather Delaney, Vincent Marzullo, Viral Shah, Cory
Waddington, and Ava Zappulla.

Dr. Paskowitz addressed the parents and children and drew parallels between the graduates and the ceremony's theme which was inspired by Swimmy, by Leo Lionni, a story of a fish who was different from other fish in his “school”.

“Difference is great,” said Dr. Paskowitz. “Swim ahead and show your child how to find strength in him or herself. Don't take away the difference. When you're different together you can conquer the world.”

Jolly Shah said, “Summit Speech School has given Viral a great foundation. When he started he hardly spoke at all. Now, he is talking all the time
and asking questions about everything. You can't stop him!”

Hemangi Benara spoke of the program's huge benefits to her daughter. “Shachi came here a little girl of two and barely able to communicate. Today
she graduates telling me which dress she wants to wear! Summit Speech School has provided us with moral support and a whole network of parents who have become friends for life.”

Gina Marzullo reflected on her son's growth. “Vincent was shy before he came to Summit Speech School and now he has so many interests and friends. He is not afraid to try new things. They have given him the foundation to become the best person he could be and I know this experience will stay
with him forever.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2008!







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