Our Parent Infant Program Teaches Parents How to Help Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Parent Infant Program at Summit Speech School offers parents and caregivers the skills and confidence they need to help their young children learn to listen and talk. Individualized sessions provided at home or in childcare settings are guided by certified teachers of the deaf and focus on auditory habilitation and speech/language development.

Summit Speech School’s Parent Infant Program

The Parent Infant Program provides support and education to parents/families of deaf and hard of hearing children so that the families:

(1) understand their child’s deafness

(2) can foster growth in their child’s listening, speech and language and

(3) can advocate for their child with medical personnel, equipment dealers, and school systems.

We provide families with print and non-print resources about deafness; provide educational and support groups; and assist families as their children transition to preschool, wherever that may be.

The Parent Ifnant program also provides auditory habilitation services to the child with the parents so that the child learns to respond auditorily and increases his/her receptive and expressive language.

We show parents how to use the auditory equipment, respond to any concerns or questions that may arise; and establish baseline audiological and language data on the children.

A Typical Parent Infant Session
Sound Beginnings Group Sessions Let Families Share and Learn from Each Other
Parent Infant Program FAQ, an interview with Nancy Schumann, Coordinator

To learn more, please call 908-508-0011or email nschumann@summitspeech.org.


Parent Infant Program







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