Our Preschool Program Prepares Children Who Are
Deaf and Hard of Hearing to
Succeed in Mainstream Schools

The preschool program at Summit Speech School is for children three to approximately five years of age. The school provides a language intensive program with a curriculum especially designed for children with hearing loss.

Our staff uses intensive small group language/listening teaching. The school’s speech pathologists, classroom teachers and teaching assistants work as a team to track the children’s vocabulary, listening skills, speech, syntax, and discourse skills.

Children alternate between small group language lessons and larger group content specific lessons.

In our preschool we have several goals:

  • Children will be using complex sentences by the time they leave Summit Speech School

  • Children’s receptive and expressive language ages will be within one year (or less) of their chronological ages

  • Children will develop oral narrative skills

  • Children will develop Theory of Mind skills

  • Children will continue developing pre-reading skills

  • Children who meet age requirements to attend kindergarten will have their readiness skills assessed

If the gap between language age and chronological age is closed, the children only need to keep up when they get into mainstream, and not catch up.

For a detailed description of the SSS Preschool Program's goals click these links to access the information in WORD or as a PDF.

The Moog Method

Summit uses the Moog Teaching Method. To learn more about the Moog method, CLICK HERE. To view an interview with preschool teacher Davin Cedeno about using the Moog method in the classroom, CLICK HERE.

To learn more, please call 908-508-0011 or email principal@summitspeech.org

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