Ciera – Student in the Spotlight!

My name: Ciera

My grade: 3rd grade

My hearing devices: 2 Phonak hearing aids

My favorite subject in school: “I would say… I actually have two favorite subjects. They are reading and Prodigy Math.”

One of my recent accomplishments: Ciera recently presented a PowerPoint she created on her hearing loss, hearing aids, and remote microphone to her classmates. She did the presentation TWICE since she is in two different classrooms. Following each presentation, she answered her classmates questions with ease! Great job, Ciera! We are so proud of you for being the “boss of your hearing loss”!

Ciera said this presentation was important, “So people know what I have in my ears, instead of saying, ‘What are those in your ears?'”. She reported that her classmates enjoyed the presentation and “they asked a lot of questions”.

Something unique about me: “I think what makes me different and special is I am a good singer. I sing in the shower, I sing everywhere.”

What I like to do outside of school: “When I am not in school, I like to play Roblox and also Prodigy. I am also a talented foot-tapper. I like to relax on the weekends. “

When I grow up…: “I have two things I want to be… I want to be a singer and I want to be a person who takes care of poor puppies, like working at a dog shelter. I want to find homes for them.”

Keep SHINING, Ciera!