Early Intervention

The Early Intervention or Parent/Infant Program at Summit Speech School provides parents and caregivers the foundational skills and confidence needed to help their babies and toddlers learn to listen and talk. Individualized services can be provided in the home or childcare center, and now, via telehealth. Our highly skilled staff of certified Teachers of the Deaf guide parents to learn about hearing loss, hearing technology and the impact of hearing loss on language and learning. By providing current information, resources and hands on training, our TODs assist parents in becoming their child’s first and best teachers. When a family chooses listening and spoken language outcomes, the SSS professionals partner with parents to educate, demonstrate and advocate as the child learns to listen and speak.

Our Early Intervention/Parent Infant Program provides support, education and parent coaching to families of deaf and hard of hearing children so that the families:

(1) understand their child’s hearing loss and its impact on areas of development

(2) are familiar with and comfortable with hearing tests and hearing technology

(3) learn effective strategies to develop the child’s auditory, language, speech and social skills, and incorporate them into their daily routines

(4) become effective advocates for their child in medical, social and educational settings

Our Early Intervention families become part of the SSS community. We share information, provide resources, demonstrate what works and coach families in the process of developing listening and spoken language. We are a clearinghouse of information on research in the fields of oral deaf education, audiology, hearing technology and best practices for listening and spoken language outcomes. We guide families through the transition from Early Intervention to Preschool, and continue to support families as children grow.

Our Teachers of the Deaf continually assess progress in the all areas of childhood development with specific attention to the access to sound through technology and acquisition of auditory and language skills. We teach children to “learn to listen” and in the process build foundational skills for understanding words, phrases, sentences and conversation! It is exciting to see children understand and then express what they know. The excitement as receptive and expressive language skills emerge and improve is shared by our professionals, families and the children themselves.

We know that families want to communicate with their children, and that babies are ready to communicate long before they actually speak. By coaching parents, using play based activities, modeling effective auditory verbal strategies and encouraging all family members to support listening, build language into everyday routines, sing, read, play and enjoy their children, we see amazing progress toward listening and spoken language outcomes.

We have resource materials in many languages, and use Foreign Language Interpreters or translations services to ensure that each family is learning and feeling supported through the Early Intervention years from birth to 3.

Sound Beginnings and Group Family Sessions: Families Share and Learn Together

“Sound Beginnings” is Summit Speech School’s toddler program and includes Parent Support Groups and Parent Education Groups which are a vital part of a comprehensive program for families of children with hearing loss. The two hour weekly sessions are a unique and powerful part of our program for families.

By coming together at the school, or via telehealth, families have the opportunity to share and learn from each other. Moms, Dads, Grandparents and care givers are welcome to participate. We truly believe that the more people in a child’s life who understand hearing loss and support the realization of the child’s communication potential, the better off we all are. SSS provides resources, encourages discussion and often invites guest speakers including audiologists, teachers, parents of older students and adults with hearing loss. The Parent Groups are facilitated by Nancy Schumann, Program Coordinator.

The Toddler Group is a well orchestrated and action packed experience facilitated by a Teacher of the Deaf, Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist ( LSLS, Cert. AV.ED). Children participate in play based language-learning activities, singing, sensory exploration, stories and playing/learning with peers. Toddlers meet new friends who are also using hearing technology and benefit from language facilitation during play time in our fabulous, acoustically treated PI room. “Learning to Listen” experiences include technology checks, practicing detecting and discrimination

There is an observation room so families can observe their children in action, and time to consult with the professionals about your child’s progress and challenges.