Speech, Language and Listening Evaluations  

Speech, Language and Listening assessments are now being offered for children with a diagnosed hearing loss and who use listening and spoken language to communicate.  Our Speech Language Pathologists are highly trained and experienced evaluating infants and toddlers as well as school aged students who are in mainstream settings.  

Our comprehensive evaluations assess receptive and expressive language including vocabulary, syntax/grammar, comprehension, conversational competencies and social/pragmatic/self-advocacy skills. Using carefully selected standardized tests, criterion referenced tools, formal and informal assessments, observation and/or interview based measures, the SLP will identify and describe the child’s language levels, ascertain progress in auditory skill development, and disclose issues with articulation and intelligibility.   

The evaluation report will describe the impact of this child’s specific hearing loss on language acquisition/use, social development and academic performance. The testing will yield a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight challenges related to learning language through listening with a hearing loss.  

We evaluate babies and toddlers and are a Target Evaluation Team for NJ Early Intervention. We are also an approved evaluation site for speech and language evaluations by the New Jersey Dept. of Education. Bilingual Speech, Language and Listening Evaluations for children ages 3 to 12 are available. 

Audiology Evaluations

Summit Speech School provides comprehensive audiological evaluations by a licensed pediatric audiologist for initial diagnosis or ongoing monitoring of hearing loss. Evaluations consist of pure tone and speech audiometry, tests of middle ear function, extensive auditory speech perception testing as well as verification of hearing aid benefit. Our pediatric audiologist is highly experienced in conditioned play audiometry and visual reinforcement audiometry for testing younger children or children with developmental delays.

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