The preschool program at Summit Speech School is for children three to approximately five years of age. The school provides a listening and spoken language intensive program with a curriculum especially designed for children with hearing loss. Classrooms and therapy rooms are acoustically treated with observation rooms attached. Our students have the opportunity to interact with hearing peers from neighboring schools throughout the year.

Our staff uses intensive small group language/listening activities in order to significantly close the gap between language age and chronological age. The school’s speech language pathologists, classroom teachers and teaching assistants work as a team to track the children’s vocabulary, listening skills, speech, syntax, and discourse skills. Children alternate between small group listening and spoken language lessons and larger group content specific lessons. Along with building strong advocacy skills, our preschool staff fosters their social, emotional and cognitive skills as well. It is our goal to ensure our students are successful when they enter kindergarten and beyond.

Family Involvement

Moving into preschool, our families continue to be an integral part of our program, partnering with us every step of the way. We encourage all of our families to attend workshops, observe their child during speech and teacher of the deaf sessions and participate in school activities. Our families remain involved through our class DoJo system where we send home frequent videos and communications. We also provide support and guidance to families as their child transitions into kindergarten.

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