Just Diagnosed

If your child is newly diagnosed, we will help guide you to see the wonderful possibilities the future holds.  We will help explain all your options, introduce you to other parents, and always assist you in your needs.

When Does A Child Need Early Intervention?

The first three years of life are important, formative years in maximizing a child’s future potential. If you suspect that an infant or toddler may be experiencing developmental delays, contact Early Intervention System at 888-653-4463. The call is toll-free for New Jersey residents.

With any concern about general development, speech and language acquisition, motor and/or social skill development, a call to Early Intervention is the place to start. 888-653-4463

In New Jersey, children age birth to 3 with a diagnosed hearing loss are considered “presumptively eligible for Early Intervention”. The initial evaluation by a Target Evaluation Team is free of cost to the family. You may contact SSS for more information about Early Intervention, and specifically about the service provided by SSS through Early Intervention.

When Does a Child Need Early Intervention? NJ.gov

Download an Early Intervention brochure here. REIC or Regional Early Intervention Collaborative.

What services are available after age 3 and for school age children?

Age 3 and up

Services for students ages 3-21 are provided by your local school district. To request an evaluation, contact your district’s special education department. Their contact information can be found by entering (name of the district) special education in your web browser. Information about Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) is available online at NJ Special Education – Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE). This booklet is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese versions.

Who can guide us through the process of getting help for our child?

Summit Speech School is a resource center for families with children with hearing loss. We can explain the process, direct you to Early Intervention or to your local school district, and help you connect with local resources.

The SPAN Parent Advocacy Network is another source of good information and guidance for families. www.spanadvocacy.org.