Manny – Student in the Spotlight!

Name: Manny Sanchez

Grade: 7th Grade

My hearing devices: Oticon Opn Play 2

My favorite subject: My favorite subject is Math

Why I am proud: 

I am proud because I have straight A’s in all my classes. I was also awarded for being the Most Outstanding Male student throughout my years at Franklin Elementary School.

One of my recent accomplishments:

This summer I hit my 1st home-run at Cooperstown All Star Village! I also was nominated as the Public Relations Chair for Roosevelt Student Council.

Something unique about me:

I have read the whole Harry Potters book series. I can run really fast.

What I do outside of school:

When I am not in school I play in town and Travel Baseball, I play basketball.  I also swim and play the trumpet.  I enjoy hanging out with my friends.

When I grow up I want to be an Electrical Engineer or a professional baseball Player.