What accommodations does my child need?

Accommodations for students with a hearing loss vary, as each student has unique needs.  Work with your child’s audiologist, TOD, classroom teacher, and case manager to determine which accommodations would be best for your child. Accommodations could include:

  • Preferential seating 
  • Reducing background noise (felt on chair bottoms, seated away from computers or fans, close classroom door and windows, etc.)
  • Daily check of hearing aids/cochlear implants
  • Troubleshooting equipment and extra batteries available
  • Personal DM/FM system or sound field system
  • Additional time on tests/exams
  • Modified assignments and tests
  • Testing in small groups 
  • Access to speech reading (clear mask)
  • Asking follow up questions that do not require a yes/no answer to assess comprehension 
  • Pre-teaching of material
  • Supplementing auditory instruction with visuals/written directions
  • Repeating peer questions/answers/comments 
  • CART (Communication Access Real-time)
  • Transcription services 
  • 1:1 assistance