I want my child to meet/interact with other students with hearing loss. What do you recommend?

There are many organizations for the deaf/hard of hearing to fit your child’s communication needs.  One such organization is AG Bell (https://www.agbell.org/).  AG Bell will usually provide a few get-togethers during the year for children with hearing loss and their families.  A web search will give you more detail regarding various organizations that were developed to address the needs of this population.   

Schools for the deaf/hard of hearing will generally offer meet-and-greets or have functions where you can network with other families.  Summit Speech School has a Family Fun night and offers occasional get-togethers for students, specifically the teen population.  Summit Speech School also provides Parent-to-Parent meetings where you would have the opportunity to meet and interact with others. 

Facebook and Instagram are both great resources, as many groups have been developed for this very purpose.  Following the company that makes your child’s hearing device is a good way to meet and interact with people who have similar experiences to you and your child.  Following blogs written by people with hearing loss can be a great way for students to recognize they are not alone on this journey.

If your child receives services from a Teacher of the Deaf, work with your child’s teacher.  He/She might be working with another family that would be a good fit for your child and can coordinate communication between families or between students.