I want to make my home the best possible learning environment during virtual instruction. What can I do?

If possible, create a designated quiet space where your child can do some focused learning.  Noise is the main barrier to understanding speech for anyone with a hearing loss.  Children with a hearing loss, even with their listening devices, will find background noise challenging.  Homes are noisy places. Limiting the background noise can make it a lot easier for your child to learn and understand what is being said.   

  • Have your child work in a quiet room such as a bedroom, not in a common area where other people may be. 
  • If your child has an FM/DM system available, have them use it. 
  • Turn off the TV/radio/music
  • Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and lawnmowers all make it very difficult for your child to understand what is being said to them.
  • Soft furnishings that absorb sound will reduce noise and make listening and understanding easier at home.